Hoof and Paw would like to THANK all our generous donors!!! Because of you, Hoof & Paw donated $1500 for the purchase of these  “gently” used metal cat cages for the PETSinc cattery. The total purchase was for 3 sets of 4 metal cages. If purchased new, the cost would have been over $8000!



Hoof and Paw  donated to assist PETSinc in this beautiful Mama and babies care earlier this month.

Puppies will be available for adoption soon


Hoof and Paws donated towards the purchase of this PETSinc transport van.


Before and After of a mare (Sandy) rescued by Hoof and Paw Benevolent Society



Hoof & Paw Benevolent Society donated reward money of $1,500 for a dog dragging case in Fairfield County which brought the owner to justice.

Angel came into the Fairfield County shelter as a stray with a serious case of demodectic mange. She was treated at the shelter, after which Hoof & Paw found her a foster home where she thrived. She was later adopted by a wonderful family.

Pictures show the transformation of before and after being in foster care.

Hoof & Paw was notified of a severely neglected small dog in a neighboring community. Through our efforts the dog was surrendered, grooming and all medical treatment was provided. She is now in a loving home.

A neglected Mother dog was living on a chain with 8 puppies. Hoof & Paw stepped in and negotiated with the owner to release her and the puppies so they could have a chance at a better life.

A kitten was surrendered to the animal shelter with a severe injury to her front leg. The leg had to be amputated. Hoof & Paw assisted with funding for the medical treatment. The kitten was taken by a rescue and subsequently adopted.

At times pregnant dogs come into the shelter.  Hoof & Paw helped locate fosters to care for these mothers and their puppies,until appropriate adopters were found.

Hoof & Paw provided this tractor trailer load of hay to Joe Mann and the Big Oaks Rescue Farm in South Carolina, to help feed their large number of rescued horses.