Our purpose is to support existing organizations that rehabilitate and rehome neglected or abused animals, to lend support to shelters and rescues for spay/neuters, heartworm treatment or any other medical necessities and to provide food and supplies as needed to these groups.

We want to thank all our members who sacrifice their personal time to raise money for this very important cause.


The Hoof and Paw Benevolent Society is an all volunteer non profit fundraising organization that is dedicated in our purpose to protect, comfort, and improve the lives of abused, homeless and abandoned animals.


To Increase awareness and support adoptions of shelter bound animals. We encourage spay and neuter and promote education to the general public of the humane treatment of all animals.

Our Elected 2018 Hoof & Paw Board Members

Deborah Richelle President
Mary Ann Ferris Secretary
Carol Crooks Treasurer
Kathy Faulk Community Outreach Director
Marguerite Ferguson

Continuing the Mission in Memory of our Former President

“I have a big heart and my love and desire to help any animal is tremendous. My responsibility is to the animals. I want each of them to have the love and attention that they deserve. When I began to volunteer at the Fairfield County Adoption Center, I found myself there every day. I want these animals to know and feel like this is their home until we can find a loving home of their own. I want to be there every day to make sure they are being held, touched, socialized and loved. I listen to them and I AM THEIR VOICE.”